A. 5RFT [C12]:

6 Deadlifts (185/135)

9 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

12 Pushups


B. Benchmark: 2 min test: T2B/Hanging KR/ABMSU


C1. OTM: 2-4 MU or 4-8 K-PU or 10-12 KBS

C2. OTM: “Death by WB”. P begins @ 10, F begins @ 6


0:00-1:00: C1

1:00-2:00: C2: P=10, F=6

2:00-3:00: C1

3:00-4:00: C2: P=11, F=7

2:00-3:00: C1

3:00-4:00: C2: P=12, F=8…continue until the work cannot be completed within the time.  The workout will end based on C2.


Extra: 2RFT: 20 GHDSU + 20 Burpees + 60 DU


We have 4 teams competing at the War of the WODs in Greensboro on Sunday (Jason and Justin, Louise and Lindsey, Misty and Lorena, Jess and her friend Lauren)!  It would be great if you could come out to support our athletes!  If you have never been to a CF competition this is one of the largest ones in NC  Some of us are carpooling with the athletes and leaving the gym on Sunday morning between 6AM – 7AM (exact time TBD).  Please comment below if you are interested in carpooling with us.

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