Lydia Rope Climb

WOD 01 27 15
A. [5] Team Pullups/Chinups. Wide Grip if you can do >15.
B. [10] PJ; 3-2-1-1; rest 2-3 min – moderate sets, low load, mechanics focus
C. [10] BTN SpJerk – build to a fast and snappy single
D. OTM [8]: TnG STO x 4 – Build each min. Target an increase each min. +5#/min
E. [5] Repeat A

News: If you’re going to help us at the community service project on 2/14 please sign up here!

We are planning a get-together for the Superbowl this weekend.  If you are willing to host, please let us know or make a comment!

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01 27 15
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