A. [10] Work to a H1: Hang Squat Clean + Hang Power Clean + 2 Jerk

B. 3 Rds:

Max reps of Thruster (100/65) {0:50/1:10} – focus on maintaining front rack

Max reps *T2B {0:50/1:10}

Max reps OHS (95/65) {0:50/1:10}

Max reps Bar Facing burpees {0:50/1:10}


Note: for B, set up a barbell and pair up with your judge.  Everyone should work for 0:50 seconds and take 0:10 to recover and spend the next 0:50 judging and counting reps for their partner.  Everyone should begin their working sets OTM (:00)


*C. (Extra) FT:

12-9-6-3 (40 ft shuttle run – down and back = 1 rep)

3-6-9 BMU (finish on shuttle)




A. [10] Thruster or FS: 6-6-6-6

B. same  – light on OHS to focus on OH stability.


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