A. FT:

Row 1K/850m buy in

-then- 3 Rds:

70 DU

15 HSPU (any style) / DB Press (25 reps)

9 Squat Cleans (135/95) / FS (135/95)


B1. CS: Snow Angel 5×8

B2. Assault Bike Easy/Hard {0:20/0:10} x5

B3. HS Walk practice 0:30 or HS Hold x5


L45: B=3 rds


We will have our last Open workout 17.6 this Saturday, as well as our wrap up party! The workout 17.6 will be released at the beginning of our 9AM class.

We will have classes at 9:00AM and 10:00AM. Wrap up party will start at 11:00AM. We will be grilling out and giving out awards from the rest of the Open!



We will allow late score submissions until Thursday at 8PM EST. This does not mean you get to REDO the workouts. Athletes can find their old scoresheet and submit their score online. (Scoresheets are filed in the office door)

Late score submission


This will determine which team wins the 2017 Open! (Prizes in the balance)

Leaderboard link

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