A. Prance 1600m

B. Seated paper plate swings: 6×80 “Shorty George” to “Truckin” to “Boogie Down”

C1. Shadowbox Prance 4 x 800m

C2. “Turkish get up” 4×6


OK April Fool’s…the real workout is in comments.


Also – this is not a joke: Time to get STRONG!

04 01 15
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  • 03 31 2015 at 10:00 pm

    A1. OTM [14]: Pistol practice: 6-10 reps each leg. Scale by using pole assistance or standing on box and allowing non-working leg to drop below box.
    A2. OTM [14]: 1-2 LLRC or regular rope climbs.

    B. FT [C15]: “Flight Simulator”
    5-10-15-20-25…50-45-40-35…5 of Double Unders
    Or practice DU [15]. If new to jumping rope, single unders.

    C1. L sit: 5×20 sec. Scale by tucking legs.
    C2. Barbell rollouts 5×3

    Finisher: Prance around for funsies

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