A1. Bench Press: 5×10.  Pause at top if needed.  Keep loads light to moderate.

A2. Pronated grip Band Pull-aparts 5×7.  Maintain constant tension in band (do not bring hands together if band begins to slack.  Start with shoulder blades retracted)

A3. Supinated grip band pull-aparts 5×7

A4. “X” band pull-aparts 5×7-L, 5×7-R

To perform this, grab the band in both hands.  Put one hand against your leg (by pocket) and start your other hand straight in front and raise the hand to a position diagonally above your shoulder (like you’re making the “Y” in “YMCA”). Both hands should have thumbs pointing up.

In teams of 2 or 3: AMRAP [12]

21 S-Pullups or Chins (or negatives.  2 second on a negative counts as 1 rep.)

21 S-HSPU (DB Press)

15 S-Pullups or Chins

15 S-HSPU (DB Press)

9 S-Pullups or Chins

9 S-HSPU (DB Press)

60 Wallballs

Teammates alternate sets.

Time to get STRONG!

CFRTP Post Open Wrap Up Social!

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