A. [20] Cleans:

Work to H3 (T&G), then to H1


B. Reverse Lunges (Back Rack or 2xKB FR): 3×8 (4/side)


C. 3RFT [C20]:

25 Cal Row

7 DL (athlete’s choice)

2-6 BMU or RMU

Rest 2 min


D1*. Bent Over DB Reverse Flys: 3×10

D2*. DB Flys: 3×8



A. [20] DL:

Work to H5 (T&G), then to H3


B. same (use KB/DB)


C. 3RFT:

25 Cal Row

7 2xKB DL (KB outside legs, 53×2/35×2)

Rest 2 min


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