A. [16] Build to H1: Snatch / Sn Balance

B1. Snatch Deadlift (2 sec pause above knee): 5×3 @ 110% Snatch 1RM

B2. Scap work: “Victory” (5×8)


Row 300m

10 Front Rack walking lunge steps total (135/95)

10 Ring Pushups

10 Ring leanouts* (5/arm)

*At the bottom of the ring pushup, extend 1 arm out to the side until fully extended, then bring back.  This is one rep.



A. [16] Build to H1: OHS / Sn Balance

B1. RDL (keep knees bent) 5×6

B2. Scap work: “Victory” (5×8)

C. 4RFT:

Row 300m

10 Walking Lunges (weight in hands at sides)

12 Pushups

04 24 15