We will have a limited schedule next week Thursday through Sunday as the majority of our staff is out of town for Regionals.  We will publish the schedule as the date draws near so please check the blog for schedule updates.


A. CGBP: 5×7 (ascending)

B1. Front Lever Negative or Skin the cats: 4 sets (4-7 reps)

B2. Bulgarian Split Squat (Load using DB’s in hands) 4×8

B3. L sit: 4 x (0:15-0:20)

C. 3 rds: Row 500m.  Rest 2 min between efforts.  Score is two parts: Slowest time, and difference between fastest and slowest sets.  This is a benchmark workout so post any records achieved!

05 06 15

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  • 05 06 2015 at 7:07 pm

    Rest day for me, these legs are very sore.

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