A. Turkish Get up – 12 total reps – 6 per arm alternating sides.

B1. OTM [20]: 2 PP or PJ (climbing)

B2. OTM [20]: 7 KBS (focus on balance, technique)

C. 7RFT [C10]:

10 WB

10 Pushups


We will have a limited schedule this week Thursday through Sunday

Thursday (5/14): 5:30AM, 6:30AM, 4:30PM

Friday (5/15): 4:30PM

Saturday (5/16): 9AM, 10AM

Sunday (5/17): Closed


If you ordered a Kim support T shirt, they will be ready on Wednesday at the box for you to pickup.  The Regionals competition will probably be streamed via youtube, so take a picture of you wearing your Team Kim shirt and tag us on FB or Instagram!


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