If you did Murph yesterday, follow part A.  If you did not, follow work in [brackets].


A. 3RFT:

27-21-15 Row Cals [27-21-15 Air Assault Cals]

21-15-9 GHDSU

12-9-6 Ski Erg Cals [21-15-9 High Ring Dips]

Stagger heats as needed



B1. OTM [8]: 20 DL (225/155).  Scale appropriately to maintain 20 reps.

B2. OTM [8]: 50 DU or DU practice


C*. Accumulate 180 sec in HS hold in as little time as possible


Thanks to everyone who came out and tackled “Murph!”



Update: We are getting box tickets for the Bulls game this Saturday – please make sure to comment on this post if you’re interested.

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