Firestarter team Flex IMG_0756

Congrats to a great job by our two Firestarter Challenge teams (2) weekends ago!  Team “RTP > UR TP” finished in 4th place overall in the scaled division!



A. OTM [15]: Build to H1 Clean

B. L sit: 4 attempts for max time. Rest 1 min between sets.  L -hang if needed.

C. AMRAP [10]:

11 Cal Row

7 Push Jerks (135/95)


D*. Extra: Snatch DL + Snatch Panda Pull (2+1) x 5



A. OTM [15]: 3 PP

B. Same

C. AMRAP [10]

11 Cal Row

7 PP



Send off social this Friday at 7PM at City Beverage for Carly and Megan as they are moving to Kentucky!  Come out and help send them off!


Schedule Change (link)

Upcoming Competition: Triangle Invitational 2015 (link)

Coaching Update (link)


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