Megan Carly farewell party

Thanks to everyone who came out to Megan and Carly’s going away party!  We will miss you guys!  *(until you come back!)*


A. OTM [15]: 1 halting Clean DL (pause above knee, return to ground) + 1 Full Clean *Optional: Snatch

B1. OTM [10]: Front Rack Lunge in place (Fwd + Back = 1 rep): 5/leg

B2. OTM [10]: 7-14 (Ring) Dips

C. FT [C12]:

Row 1K

75 STO (75/55)

75 K-Pullup / KBS

Post times, loads, and comments.


Weekend schedule:

Friday 7/3: 5:30AM, 6:30AM, 10AM, 5:30PM

Saturday 7/4: 9AM, 10AM

Sun 7/5: 11AM – 1PM Open Gym


This is the last week of our current strength cycle – we will be “testing” next week!


Bring-A-Friend Week: 7/13 – 7/18 (link)


Are you looking for something to get your dietary intake in gear?  Get ready for our July Transformation Challenge!  Starts July 13th!  Stay tuned for details.


More Than 1,000 Runners Get Diarrhea After Mud Day Event (link)

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