A. OTM [4]: ATK Hang Power Snatch + *Snatch Balance + OHS

B. OTM [4]: ATK Hang Squat Snatch + *Snatch Balance + OHS

C. OTM [4]: Squat Snatch + *Snatch Balance + OHS


D. BS: 3×10


E: “Jackie”


Row 1000m

50 Thrusters (45)

30 Pullups

*Sn Bal is optional – use as comfort allows



A. OTM [12]: 3 SnGp PP + 3 OHS


B. BS: 3×10


C: FT:

Row 1000m

50 Air squats

30 KBS
CrossFit Games are this weekend!  We will have a viewing party at the gym!


Congratulations to Lindsay “Berger” and her friend Laura for placing 3rd in the Female/Female scaled team at the Independence Games this weekend in South Carolina!

Berger Independence

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