A1. Back Squat: 8@65%, 6@70%, 2×6 @ 75%

A2. PJ: 5×3: Build to M3 – should not interfere w/ BS


8 Bent Over Rows (AHAP without sacrificing form)

10 Weighted Bar Dips (Use a DB and a band around waist)

12 V-ups


Extra: Clean Pull (4×5@ 95% Clean 1RM).  Utilize Panda pull if capable.



A1. BS: 4×6 @ 70%-75%

A2. PP: 4×8 (Mod)

B. 4RFT [C15]:

15 KBS (53/35)

12 Horizontal Ring Rows

9 Dips

6 Jumping Squats


Extra: Floating Deadlift (5×5 @ 70% DL 1RM)


Wedding WOD: 7/23 6:30PM


Thanks to everyone who brought a friend or family member last week!  We hope they got a taste of how fun and rewarding our training can be!  If you have someone who you’d like to bring please email us and we’ll coordinate a time to bring them!


The CF Games are upon us this upcoming weekend in Carson, California!  There is one event on Wednesday but most of the action will take place Friday – Sunday.  Due to the surprise element of the workouts, some of the workouts as well as workout times have not been released, but we can expect several events at the following times:

  • Fri (all day – but most exciting events will likely be afternoon/evening)
  • Saturday (all day – we can throw some food on the grill after the AM workouts)
  • Sunday (all day through late afternoon)

We are planning to put the CF Games on the projector at the box this weekend and get together to watch some of the action – question: What times would be best for you?  Post your response in comments.  You are welcome to bring some food or drink to share as well!

07 20 15

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  • 07 19 2015 at 9:32 pm

    I am down for any of those times. Preference for Saturday afternoon potluck!! I make one dish: guac!! I can bring that! And I will bring the sass about Lindsey Valenzuela… she bothers me :p

  • 07 20 2015 at 4:24 am

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