A. OTM [10]: 1 set HSPU or Pushup [C0:15], SIP


B. AMRAP [4] @ 0:00

Run 400m

Assault Bike 25/20 Cals

Max Snatch (p-ok) or OHS (75/55) or KBS (53/35)


AMRAP [4] @ 8:00

Run 400m

Assault Bike 20/16 Cals

Max Snatch (p-ok)  or OHS (95/65) or KBS (53/35)


AMRAP [4] @ 16:00

Run 400m

Assault Bike 15/12 Cals

Max Snatch (p-ok) or OHS (115/75) or KBS (53/35)


Are you interested in Childcare services? (click here)


We will be accepting donations for Hurricane victims this week in the form of cash or check. We will be pooling all proceeds and making a donation on 9/10. All proceeds will be donated to Houston Food Bank.


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