A1. Hang Muscle snatch – 4xH3
A2. Shoulder bands: Activation

B1. Front squat – 4×2 @ 80%
B2. Russian Twists: 4×20 reps (10 each side) Perform with a KB or Slamball

*Sit with knees bent. With both hands holding an object, twist from one side of your body to the other. Scale up by elevating feet during the movement and increasing load.

6 Broad Jumps
SA KB OH Backwards Lunge (53/35) to start


Tracey (You all know her at TFoots) is moving to Utah at the end of the month!  Her last day at the box will be next Thursday 9/24.  We will have a going away dinner for her Thursday evening around 7PM.  Save the date/time!


Happy Birthday to Beverly!

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