Revanth Clean

WOD 09 17 14


A. BS 7×4

After review of snatch technique:

B. OTM [7]: 2 Halting Clean Deadlifts AHAP (maintain lumbar extension)

C. OTM [7]: 2 Chinese Clean Pulls – if beginning take it SLOOOW.  Focus on technique and timing.



A. BS 7×4

B1. OTM [14]: {0:20/0:40} Row for max meters.  Record total meters across 7 rds.

B2. OTM [14]: {0:30/0:30} Dolphin Plank Hold

Post times, loads, and comments.

09 17 14
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4 thoughts on “09 17 14

  • 09 17 2014 at 8:51 am

    A) 235/225 did only 4 sets, this is the same weight I did Monday but it felt much heavier!
    B) 275#s

    • 09 17 2014 at 6:46 pm

      A) 245 — came back at 4:30 and redid my squats and got it up to the weight I wanted… lesson is: it’s hard to squat so early in the morning without Kim

  • 09 17 2014 at 9:37 am

    A: 225#, felt about right
    B: 265#
    C: 205#

    Have to say the combination of B and C really helped in getting things to feel better for heavy cleans. Did a progression of 1 halting deadlift and 1 high pull at the end and that may be the thing that helps to keep me from pulling early.

  • 09 17 2014 at 6:24 pm

    P. 2/3/2 – Still catching up on sleep from a rough few days
    A. 155. Squatting is always hard in the morning, but this was about just right for this volume at this hour. [7]
    B. 185. This was an interesting movement, given I can do the first pull so much heavier than any other part of the clean. Stayed with a weight I could manage every time. [8]
    C. 135. Great way to practice opening up all the way during the second pull. I really liked this movement, and was able to see some of the ways I go wrong when turning over. [7]

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