A. WU: Run 400m (70%)


B. In teams of 4-5 (1PW):

AMRAP [12]:

3 DL (275/185)

Run 200m


C. With a running clock:

Min 1: Row 6/3 Cals

Min 2: Row 7/4 Cals

Min 3: +1/+1 Cals… until you cannot complete the work within the minute.  Once you fail to reach the target cals, rest the next minute.  Then, row the last successful number of cals minus 6. (e.g. If you failed at 14 (last successful = 13), rest the minute after failing, then row (13 – 6 = 7 Cals) the following minute.  Repeat this process for [15]


Tracey (You all know her at TFoots) is moving to Utah at the end of the month!  Her last day at the box will be next Thursday 9/24.  We will have a going away dinner for her – please meet at Q-Shack in Durham at 7PM!


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