A1. Front squat: 5×2.2 @ 87%
A2. Bent over or prone DB lateral raise 5×10.  If setting up on a bench, elevate bench so arms can be at full extension.
B. OTM [8]: 1 set SDHSPU
C. 7 RFT:
1-5 MU (strict if possible)
18 DU

A1. Front squat: 5×2.2 @ H2
A2. same
B. OTM [8]: 1 set 2A DB strict press
C. 7 RFT:
5 dips
8 Alternating Jumping Lunges (each jump is 1 rep). ROM is as deep as you can recover from.


Tracey (You all know her at TFoots) is moving to Utah at the end of the month!  Her last day at the box will be this Thursday 9/24.  We will have a going away dinner for her – please meet at Q-Shack in Durham at 7PM on Thursday!

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