One thought on “10 01 14

  • 10 01 2014 at 9:09 am

    I think I metcon better on a low carb diet, now that I’m back on the carbs I feel like I get gassed much quicker especially if I don’t eat right before I workout…
    A) 245– went in planning on 255 but it was early
    B) skipped due to the position of the moon relative to the position of Venus
    C) P- mod 10-OHS/10-BURP/10-2POOD KBS I was under the impression we weren’t going to do pull ups today 😉 so I worked past failure last night and so I was worried about over doing it with the CTB (as Kim pointed out I should probably wait to use a muscle group to the point it could be dangerous to use the next day till a day before a rest day)… I only had a couple minutes between A & C so the OHS was really hard, ended up bringing my feet super narrow and really turning my toes way out so I could bounce my butt off my calves so I could just rep them out which worked because it was only 95#… Over all a good morning, SMALL class just Greg, Kim, and myself 🙁

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