Wow what a weekend!  The Triangle Invitational was an awesome event and there has already been plenty of positive feedback from those who participated in it!  Huge thanks to all of our volunteers and judges for making this such a success.  Our Rx and Scaled teams both did great!  (2nd place out of 9 teams and 10th place out of 24 teams, respectively).  More to come on this later this week.


Halloween workout on Saturday!


WOD 10 27 14

A. Back Squat 4×5@ 50%.  We are de-loading from our squats.  This should be an easy/chill set.  We will be retesting later this week and early next week.

B. Team Strict Pullups/MU [5]

C. RDL (3×12) @ moderate weight

D. Team Strict Pullups/MU [5]

E. EMOM [10]:

5 BF Burpees

5 OHS (95/65)

Post times, loads, and comments.


10 27 14