A1. BS: 2×10 across

A2. GHDSU: 3x (10-15) reps

B1/B2: 7 min total

B1. q(0:30): 1 rep of Wide Grip Pullup Isolation Negative*

B2. q(0:30): 5-10 Dynamic Pushups (Clapping or hands off floor)

*To perform this movement, start by jumping above the pullup bar with a wide pullup grip and descent slowly. During the descent, add in multiple “pauses” or even “ups” through the ENTIRE ROM focusing on your weakest position in the ROM. Target at least a 7-15 second descent for each rep.

C. AMRAP [9]:

3 HSPU (athletes’ choice)


9 WB (20lb/ 10′, 14lb/10′)

X Squat Clean & 1 Push Jerk (T&G) (175/120) where X is the number of rounds completed.  (1 on round 1, 2 on round 2, etc).  PJ is always 1.



A2. Hanging L-sit: 0:15-0:30 sec

B1/B2: 7 min total

B1. q(0:30): 1 rep pullup negative

B2. q(0:30): 5-10 Pushups

C. AMRAP [9]:

9 DB Strict Press (35/25)


9 WB

X DL where X increases by 1 per round.

11 02 15