We are starting a new cycle today.  Thursdays will continue to be a programmed rest day or make up day.


WOD 11 03 14

A. Establish a 1RM FS

B1. OTM [20] 1 set of 4-7 Weighted CTB Chinups @ (2011).  Use a band to achieve same ROM and tempo.

B2. OTM [20] 1 set of 3 BS @60% AFAP + 3 Reach Jumps*.  Weight should allow for explosive reps and allow for completion across all 10 sets.

*Athlete should stand facing a wall/pullup bar and jump and touch as high as possible.  Depth of initial dip need not be below parallel.

C. Optional (P):

5 rds: {0:20/1:40}

10 DL (225/155) + ME burpees with remaining time.

Goal is to do all DL T&G u/b.  Increase load as needed.

Post times, loads, and comments.

Our 3 year anniversary celebration is this Saturday night!  Come join us!

Rx TI 2014

11 03 14

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