Bring your friend week is coming!


A1. BS 8×1 across

A2. Every other BS set: Windshield wipers* 4×10 or Russian Twist

B. Build to H1 Pause Sn Bal or 5 OHS.  Include (2 sec pause on last OHS rep)

C. OTM [6]:

4 DB Snatches from floor (60/40)

8 Deficit Pushups

D. OTM [6]:

4 DB Snatches from floor (60/40)

4-8 CTBPU.  COVP – no butterfly today.



*Hang from a bar.  With feet together and raised to vertical position, tilt legs left and right.  Scale by bending knees while hanging from a bar or Russian Twists.

11 06 15