A. Iron Scap

B. Kipping review – focus on tight kip not pull

C1. OTM [24]: AD H/E: {0:20/0:40}

C1. OTM [24]: Kipping skill: 10-20 kip swings or T2B or BMU

C1. OTM [24]: AD H/E: {0:20/0:40}

C1. OTM [24]: Push Jerk skill.  Work on solid lockout and smoothness of T&G reps.  8-14 reps.  This should not fatigue your shoulders – load should be light to moderate.

D. Single legged Broad Jump: x 3 each leg (LLL,RRR).  Jump off one leg, land with same leg.  Focus on stable landing.  Can you go into a pistol after landing?

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