WOD 12 09 14

A1. Push Press: 6×2 across

A2. Strict T2B 5 sets of 2-5 reps.  Scale by bending knees keeping ROM as high as possible

B. 2 pos Clean (Hang + BK Clean) 6×1 increasing.  Both reps can be power or squat.  Coach’s choice.

C (P). FT [T10/C15]: Row 2000m.  q(2:00) perform 15 KTE.  K stands for knee, not tricep.

C (F). FT [T10/C15]: Row 2000m.  q(2:00) perform 15 ABMSU.

Extra. Ring Rows: 5×10 (get as horizontal as possible -elevate feet above rings if needed).


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12 09 14
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  • 12 09 2014 at 12:12 am

    if K is for knee not elbow then…. E is for Ear right?

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