Nutrition seminar today at 7:30PM!


Do you know someone who might be hesitant about starting CrossFit?  CFRTP will begin offering a bootcamp program in January perfect for beginners and those who might be coming from a sedentary background!  Courses are 6 weeks long and meet 3x/week.  Details here.  Tell your friends, family, and co-workers!


A1. BS: 3×10

A2. Shoulder Activation: CS



B. Sorensen hold (GHD): 3 x ME.  Target 60 sec if possible.  Have a partner put a plate on your back (10#) if your first set is >1:30.


With a running clock: (C-D-E):

C. 0-4: AMRAP [4]

3 Suicide Runs (start at rig)

1 set B-MU or K-Pullups or KBS.  KBS should be mod-heavy.  Count total pullup reps.


D. 4-6: AMRAP [2]

Reverse WL (Load using plate – hug or OH).  Score = total distance lunged


E. 6-10: AMRAP [4]


Same as C – 2 suicide runs / rd.  Count total pullup reps.

12 14 15