A1. OTM [16]: P: 3 FS / F: 5 FS

A2. OTM [16]: Static Support (0:30) P-bar or rings


B1. Weighted Step Up 3×8 each leg.  You choose the box height.  Keep the trailing leg straight and off the top of the box.  Stand completely with stepping leg, then descend.  Load with DB/KB in both hands.  Front Rack a barbell if your balance is consistent.

B2. Bent Over Barbell Row: 3×6 – 2 sec hold at the top and maintain contact with chest.


C: For [12], NFT (work at steady consistent pace):

16 KBS

8 Deficit Pushups

8 set T2B

2 Sumo DL (70%)

12 16 15