A. 3 RNFT:

1000m Row easy

1 min HS Skill practice

Bike Cals 35/28  (3 min max)

CS – Snow angel x 8 + WY Neg x 5

75 DU

1A Waiters walk 2 GL (50/35) (1GL L + 1 GL R)



P: After Row, Bike, DU, perform 6 consecutive reps of mid thigh hang snatch (45/33). Catch all reps in full squat.

F: After Row, Bike, DU, perform 10 KBS.


If today is a recovery day for you, go easy/moderate intensity for the entirety of A.  If not, perform Row, and Bike as FT.


The 2017 CFRTP Open (link)


Athlete Profile: Team 2 (link)


This weekend we will have some folks competing at a local competition at CrossFit Sua Sponte (Saturday 1/28).  Come out and show your support!

Kris, Maribeth (Rx: Female/Female team)

Tommy and friend Mike (Rx: Male/Male team)

Matt, Kim (Rx: Male, Female team)

01 26 17