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Get ready folks!  We will be participating in the CF Games Open coming March!  More details to come.


WOD 01 31 13

A1. Deadlift (5@36%, 5@45%, 5@54%)

A2. Good Mornings 3×10 (light & manageable)

B. Not for time:

12 T&G C&J

60 DU’s

9 T&G C&J

40 DU’s

6 T&G C&J

20 DU’s

*There is no time component.  Rest as often as needed between exercises.  Select one load for the entire workout (as heavy as possible while staying unbroken T&G).  For the novice, scale to unbroken hang C&J’s without going to the floor.  C&J sets continue as long as the bar doesn’t rest on the floor, even periodically.  Your score is the total number of times you ‘break’ on the double unders.  If you break on the C&J, start over.  Don’t let your ego load the bar.  This means when you load the bar, think about a weight you think you can handle and then subtract a bunch more.

Post times, loads, and comments.

Meaghan Double Unders War of Wods 2013

01 31 13
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One thought on “01 31 13

  • 02 01 2013 at 2:55 pm

    Almost forgot to post my results!
    A1. Worked up to 103#
    A2. Started with 33# then went to 53# for the last 2 sets
    B. Started with 63#, but then went to 53# for the last 2 sets. DUs were broken 23 or 24 times.

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