CrossFit Games Open 2014 has arrived!

Annual Commercial Viewing Party (Superbowl)! – THIS SUNDAY!


WOD 02 01 14

A. With a running clock:

1 set ME pushups

Rest exactly 3 min

1 set ME pushups

Rest exactly 3 min

1 set ME pushups.

2 scores: Set #1, Sum of all 3 sets.  See standards below.

B. False Grip CTR Pullups (5×8).  If < 2 strict pullups, use program on bar.

C. 4 Rounds: AMRAP 2, rest 2 between sets:

7 DL (185/135) [Adv: 5 Cleans (155/105)]

10 Burpees

*Pushup standards: chest to deck.  Momentary switching of hand position is acceptable.  When performing pushups from toes, thighs and knees cannot contact the floor. Resting at the top is permitted  within the set as long as both hands stay on the floor.  The set is over when either knees or thighs touch the floor.  When performing from knee position, elevate knees so thighs do not touch the ground in bottom position.  Take pride in your pushup form!

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Pushup hand

02 01 14
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One thought on “02 01 14

  • 02 01 2014 at 12:19 pm

    My GOODNESS that was lot of everything 🙂
    A. 31/63
    B. False grip failed pretty quickly. Got two sets of three, and a set of as-high-as-possible non-false grip pull-ups before we moved on
    C. 2, 1+15, 1+15, 2+1 – Burpee burpee burpee, burpee burpee! Burpee burpee, BURPEE haha!

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