Joey O Bocce Classic – 4/27

Save the date: 4/11! CrossFit Games Open Wrap up party!

CF Games Open Announcement: Alright folks!  The fifth CF Games Open WOD has been announced!  Here’s how the next few days are going to shake out:

Friday: A few folks will be performing the workouts at the 6:30PM class this evening for logistics reasons.  Feel free to stay after 5:30 to cheer them on!

Saturday: Heats and schedules:

We will be running heats approximately 12 minutes apart and we will post sign up sheets at the gym (you can sign up on Friday) for the heats.  The gym will open at 9AM, and the first heat will start at 9:20AM.  There will be posted warm-up for all athletes to perform and everyone is encouraged to show up to cheer on your fellow teammates!  Note: we will be doing this WOD with staggered heats this Saturday due to the possible length of the workout.

After the WOD, we will be grilling out and having a little BBQ at the box (it’s supposed to be in the 70′s)!  Feel free to bring your own food items to grill and whatever you’d like to drink!  Strategy and thoughts to come…


WOD 03 28 14

Note: if you plan to attack 14.5 on Saturday, considering going light for part C.

A. Skin the cat: 10-15 reps.  How slow can you go?  Adv: False Grip MU flexed holds (15 reps, 1 rep = 3 sec hold)

B. Spend 20 minutes playing with headstands and handstand progressions.


20 KBS (53/35)

15 Box Jumps (30/24)

10 Pullups

Comments: Thrusters or Burpees?

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Lydia Chest to Bar

03 28 14
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  • 03 28 2014 at 9:33 am

    OMG, Thrusters!!! These Thrusters are going to smoke me, big time!

    • 03 28 2014 at 10:06 am

      who is TFoots???

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        • 03 28 2014 at 12:50 pm

          When you get it you get it 😀

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          it’s kevin spacey from the usual suspects movie, right?

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          You first. Miss/Mr. ???????

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          Hint: I’m in these photos:

          Is anyone from that last photo still here? Yikes!

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          Ugh! Lei/Phil/Greg, I need photo-posting privileges again!

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          my name is just a simple mononym ‘???????’ (that’s 7 not 6 not 8, but 7 ?’s)

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          Hehehe… I counted them so I would be sure to spell your name right. 😉

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          whoever this ??????? guy is, he sure sounds like a pretty smart, not to mention devilishly handsome character!

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    Mr Söze approves

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