We will be celebrating the end of the CF Games Open this Saturday!


Vote for CrossFit RTP as “Best Fitness Club in Durham County!” in the “Best of the Triangle 2013 Poll!” (Page 4).  Voting ends April 15th!

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Check out the great pics Annette took of 13.4 here!

WOD 04 05 13

Active Rest Day:

Come into the gym and work on at least 2 of the following skills:

  • Chest to Bar Pullups or Strict MU Practice
  • Clean and Jerk (perform around 10 reps at a manageable weight ~-75%)
  • Double Under practice (if you don’t have DU, this is required)

Optional: Row 1000m at casual pace

Post times, loads, and comments.

Snarles Muscle up 13.3

04 05 13
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