With a Running clock:
@ 0:00, T(2), P1 BikeErg/Row while P2 holds plank. Calories only count if one partner is in a plank. Accumulate 225/200/175 Cals. Switch anytime.
*modify to plank on elbows, plank on knees (on pad) as needed
*more experienced athletes can scale to plank support on p-bars or rings

@20:00: T(2), [12]
Synchronized Carry for max distance: P1 2xKB Farmers Walk while P2 Sandbag/Slamball Carry. Partners must stay together.
*Pick a moderate load object. Prioritize moving continually.
*Each time a partner needs to ‘drop’, each partner performs 10 AS or 5 burpees, then switch objects. Rest as needed.
*More experienced athletes can walk with either or both KB OH

@36:00: T(2), OTM [10]
Min 1: 10-15 BTN SnGp Press or PP for quality
Min 2: 0:20-0:45 bar hang

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