A. [15] Work to a H1 Jerk from the rack.  Split Jerk if your PJ is consistent. Focus on footwork.

B. Wide stance Good Morning: 3×10 (feet pointed straight forward)

C. AMRAP [14]:

Run 400m

1 set strict pullups/chins.

For these pullups: There will be two different ROM for the pullups.  One set will start with arms fully hanging and finish with arms at a 90 degree bend (bar at forehead level).  The other set will start at arms at 90 degree bend and finish with chin above the bar.  Athletes should alternate these types of pullups every set.  (Run 400m, perform 1 full set of the first type, then run 400 and perform 1 full set at the second type).  Score is total pullup reps.



A. [15] Work to a H3 PP.

B. Good Morning: 3×10

C. AMRAP [14]:

same – sub chins or ring rows. Same approach as P (partial ROM).


We have 2 teams competing this Saturday (IT IS NOT SUNDAY – that was a mistake) at SuperFit Raleigh (Misty and Carly) and (Tommy and Bryant).  Throw on an RTP shirt and come out to cheer for our teams!


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