A. 7 RNFT @ 75% [C30]:

4 L-Pullups or 8 K-Pullups

8 1A-DB Hang Snatches (50/35) (Power ok)

1A-DB OHWL 60′ (30’down + 30′ back)

HS Walk or Bear Crawl 60′

Row 300m/250m


(work at a steady pace conversational pace)



B. T(2), 4RFT:

12 Cals Ski-Erg

12 Hollow to V-ups

4 Stone Over the Bar (150/100)*


*Secure a barbell to the pullup rig at sternum height. Pick the “stone” up and place it up and over the bar (1 rep).


L45: A: 5RNFT [C20], B: 3RFT


July 1st Graduation Social (link) – There’s a sign up board at the gym for what you’re bringing!

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