Gear up for our upcoming nutrition challenge starting July 8th!

Our last seminar to go over the basics and rules is TODAY! (7/6) @ 1:00PM!
Going Away Party on Saturday!


WOD 07 06 13

A. 20 min to establish one of the following:

  • 1RM Snatch
  • 1RM Block Snatch (just below the knee)
  • 1RM OHS

B. 2 minute strict pullup test.  If no pullups, accumulate max time in flex hang within 2 min.  No frog-kips.

C. Death by Burpee/Wallball

During the first min: perform 1 burpee, 2nd min: 2 Wallballs, 3rd min: 3 Burpees…and so on.  Continue until the work cannot be completed within the minute.

Adv: Start each burpee min w/ 1 Squat Clean (155/105).  *Not meant to be scaled.  Skip this entirely or perform as prescribed.

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07 06 13
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