Social 8/23!


There’s no place like home.

Its a place where you can walk in and everyone knows your name,

Where your greeting is accompanied by a hug, a high-five, a first pump or hand slap, and of course, a smile,

Where people genuinely care how your day was, how your back feels, if this is a PR day, and if its not, it should be.

Its a place where you can suffer and succeed with the people around you without fear of judgement, knowing what they really want to give you is encouragement,

Where your friends and coaches truly want you to be better, to achieve more, and laud your successes for all to hear.

Where your safety and health is paramount, and everyone has some tip saved up just for you.

Its a place where you willingly share a little misery,

Where everyone has a pain face, an effort face, an all-out face, and then a tired face, almost always followed by a smiling face,

Where the pain face brings a question, the effort faces brings encouragement, the all-out face brings respect, the tired face brings commiseration and the smiling face brings a smile.

Its a place where the quality of people is self-selected, filtered by intensity and raw effort, tempered by the Iron,

Where people like to laugh and chat and play and just hang out,

Where people care about their friends and family and a clean gym gather for good times,

Where people work hard, lift heavy and move fast, for time.

Its a place where those people, your kind of people, call home.



WOD 08 22 13

A. Bench Press: 20 min to establish a 5RM.*

B. Bench Press: Perform 1 set for max reps @ 65%.

C. For time [C14]:

X Burpees (Where X = 50, 75 or 100)

EMOM: Perform (1, 3 or 5) Strict Pullups

D. Weighted Dolphin Plank (elbows) for max time (45/25).  Place weight at hips (not shoulders)

*Folks new to BP should perform 5×5 at a moderately challenging weight.

Post times, loads, and comments.

Liz Jerk 13.4

08 22 13
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3 thoughts on “08 22 13

  • 08 22 2013 at 10:09 am

    The morning mob continues to roll strong – 14 people this AM!

    A: 5 x 175#, failed on #3 at 185#
    B: 17 @ 135#
    C: 11:3x, 100/1
    D: :50

  • 08 22 2013 at 11:40 am

    Attention Socializers: The bowling tomorrow night will take place at Mardi Gras Bowing Center, not Durham Lanes. Same time, different place.

    (we got double booked and even throwing out Cheryl’s name couldn’t save us!)

  • 08 22 2013 at 9:45 pm

    I love this picture so hard.
    I got to work with newbie Grace today. She’s pretty awesome.
    A. 5 @ 85#
    B. 15 @ 65#
    C. 10:27? (I’m failing at numbers this week) 100/3 ring rows
    D 1:34
    E. More negatives. No chin-up for me today. Failed several times.

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