A. FS: 3×3 across


B. BS: 3×3 across

C. T(2), 5RFT @ (135/95):
6 Synchro PC + (4 PC, 1PW)
6 Synchro FS + (4 FS, 1PW)
6 Synchro Jerk + (4 Jerk, 1PW)


A. [15] FS: Work to H3


B. [15] BS: Work to H3

C. T(2), 5RFT:
16 K-PU, 1PW
12 Synchro KBS
10 Synchro Goblet Squats
8 Synchro DB PJ


*One “Synchro” rep means both athletes perform the movement in synchronized fashion. If 3 athletes perform 1 burpee simultaneously in synchronized fashion, they have performed one synchro-burpee.


Please remember that standing up all the way from the squat is REQUIRED for part (C).  In part (A) and (B), not standing up all the way and going into the next squat is acceptable.


Our new pullup rig has arrived!  If you have some time on Saturday at noon, we are inviting you to help assemble it!  We will supply lunch and drinks!

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