This weekend, two of our athletes will be competing in competitions!  Carly will be competing at a sanctioned weightlifting meet at the Athletic Lab on Saturday, and Kris will be competing in a 3 day competition called “Integrity’s Revenge” at CrossFit Integrity in Charleston, SC.  For those who want to come out and support Carly, she will be lifting in the morning between 9AM and 11AM.  For those of you who have never been to a sanctioned weightlifting meet, this is a great opportunity to see an event with some very good lifters.  Directions here.


WOD 10 18 13

A. Back Squat 6×2 @ 80%

B. For 15 min, work on strict chin ups or basic kipping pullup technique

C. AMRAP 4 min:

20 Squats/WB

10 T2B

Rest 2 min:

AMRAP 3 min:

12 T2B

12 Pushups

Rest 2 min:

AMRAP 2 min:

20 OTB jumps (20″)

15 Situps

Post times, loads, and comments.

This was Carly about a year and a half ago:

Carly – ALWO 1/28/12 from RTP Strength & Conditioning on Vimeo.

10 18 13