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WOD 11 30 13

A. Skill: Handstands (headstand, kicking up to HS, or HS walking/hold)

B. This.

See rules below.

5 rounds x [7 sets of (Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Press + Back Squat + Push Press)]


  • Rest as needed between rounds as needed.  There is no time component.
  • No resting on the ground (even to regrip)
  • Break up or combine movements in any way so long as the following are met:
  • The clean starts from the ground and finish standing at full hip extension
  • Jerking is acceptable, as are squat cleans or deadlift then hang cleaning
  • Squats + Push Presses can be separate or combined (thrusters)
  • Cannot receive the clean in a squat and directly thruster.  Stand first.
Advice: Start light (65/45), since we are trying for a max load in the final round.
11 30 13
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