A1. OTM [30]: {0:10/0:10/0:20} Assault Easy/Hard/Easy

A2. OTM [30]: HS Walk practice or HS Hold (40 sec)

A3. OTM [30]: 2-4 reps: Stone/Bag to shoulder

A4. OTM [30]: 6-18 Pushups (P: Ring or Clapping/Dynamic)

A5. OTM [30]: 8-12 Supine body rows (bar on rig – pull sternum, not neck, to bar each rep). Scale to allow full ROM each rep. Scale by raising bar height and inclining body.


B. Team L-sit [X] where X is the number of athletes on a team x 2. e.g. T(4) uses [8].

12 29 16