Before you draw any conclusions from this information, let’s make sure we are comparing apples to apples.  Compared to a “regular” gym with no hands-on coaching, no programmed workouts, and no community support, we are more expensive, and your results are worth every penny.  Compared to the same time spent with a personal trainer, we are less expensive, with better results.

We ask for an initial three month commitment for all our members.  There are no contracts beyond the first three months.

Regular Monthly Membership Options

Individual Memberships:

  • Unlimited CrossFit Classes: $160/month

  • 8 visits/month CrossFit Classes: $120/month

All memberships require direct monthly billing to a credit card or checking account.  Additional processing fee ($5) for credit card autopay will apply.

All membership options are month-to-month with no contract and a 30 day written notice (prior to the billing date) for all cancellations and pauses.


One-on-One Coaching or Consultation

  • Our coaches are also available for private coaching.  Contact us for more details.