Many of you have expressed interest in learning more about proper nutrition and how you can modify your food to best meet your fitness and life goals! Here’s your chance! On Monday, August 8, we will begin a 12 week transformation challenge. Here are the rules of the challenge:

  • “Before” pictures (Front, Side, Back) must be submitted anytime starting Monday 8/1 and no later than end of the day on August 8.
  • “After” pictures (Front, Side, Back) must be submitted between Oct 30 – Nov 2.
  • You can participate in the challenge without submitting photos. To be eligible for the “winners”, you must submit “Before” and “After” pictures.
  • There is no specific regimen or way of eating you have to comply with. We would like you to use these 12 weeks as an an opportunity to develop or kickstart behaviors and habits that you can sustain long term.
  • Cost to register is $40
  • Participants will be able to access
  • Virtual “zoom” check-ins on Thursday evenings (time will be TBD)
  • In person check-ins Saturdays at 11:15AM
  • An accountability buddy who is also participating

At the end of the challenge, the panel (composed of a limited number of coaches) will use the photos to determine the winners of the challenge.  There will be 4 winners:

  • Male Winner ($150)
  • Male runner up ($50)
  • Female Winner ($150)
  • Female runner up ($50)

Photos need to be in identical lighting conditions. No extra “sucking in” or “flexing”. Mirror selfies are acceptable. Attire should be swim trunks and swimsuits. Photos should be submitted using the entry form. Photos will not be shared beyond the panel without prior approval.

To help support you in this journey, we will hold a 2 hour long nutrition seminar (learn some stuff) to help you get started. The nutrition seminar will be on August 7 @ 10:00AM. This seminar is free for members. You are still permitted to participate in the challenge without attending the seminar.  If you want to work with us individually regarding your nutrition, please email us.