The 2024 CrossFit RTP Intramural Open is here!  “The CFRTP Intramural Open is a team competition where athletes will do workouts released once a week (on Fridays) over 3 weeks and can earn points through various levels of participation and camaraderie. This competition is designed for athletes of all abilities!



The purpose of the Open is to give everyone (of all fitness and skill levels) a small taste of competition in a fun way!

Here’s how the process will work!

  1. Workout Release: For 3 consecutive weeks, a workout is released on Thursday night (by CrossFit HQ).  There will be 3 versions of each workout for all participants (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3).  YOU can choose which version of the workout you perform each week (along with some input from our coaches; if we feel that doing a more difficult workout imposes any potential risks, we will advise as such). (Workouts can be modified to accommodate any injuries or limitations.) On Thursday evening, we will be using an online sign up sheet to help schedule the workout start times which will occur during Friday Night Lights.
  2. Teams, Scoring: Everyone who signs up for the Open will be split into teams. Athletes will be able to earn points in various ways throughout the 3 week period, including doing the workout, showing up to Friday Night Lights, dressing up for the weekly “Theme”, etc.
  3. Friday Night Lights: We will be conducting our CFRTP Open workouts on Friday afternoon/evening classes during what we call “FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (FNL)”  FNL will officially begin at 4:30PM and will continue until all athletes who have signed up are able to complete their workout (usually around 7:00-7:30PM). Everyone is welcome to come hang out and root on your fellow athletes!
  4. Weekend schedule: Saturday classes will be a normal training day. Sundays can used to make up the Open workout and Mondays can be used for any make-ups as well but will need to be scheduled in advance.  Friday AM and lunch classes will also run the Open workout during normal class times. Athletes will have until the following Monday at 8PM to submit your score from the previous week.  
  5. Registration/Cost: Registration to the CrossFit RTP Open will be $20 (no T shirt) or $30 (includes a T shirt or tank top of your choice).  You can register using this link .

The CrossFit RTP Open will be held on the following 3 FRIDAYS:

  • Week 1 – Friday, Mar 1
  • Week 2 – Friday, Mar 8
  • Week 3 – Friday, Mar 15