A. T(2-3), 1PW, AMRAP [12]:


DB Snatch (50/35) from floor (F: mid thigh hang)

Pistols (alternate each leg)

Burpees (can switch in any intervals of 10). Rx+: Burpee Box Over (24″/20″)


B. T(2-3), 1PW, AMRAP [10]:


K-MU or Strict PU (2:1) or KB Sw (3:1)

30′ Shuttle Run (30′ down + 30′ back = 2 reps). Both partners run together.


C. Team L-sit [x] where x = number of team members.  Scale difficulty to allow at least 10 sec each rep. At least one person working at all times.


L45: A, B


D*. CS Iron Scap


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