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RTP Open Celebration – (update: will be rescheduled – stay tuned)


A. [20] BS to a H1 – go for 1RM if you feel good! (Novices: 5×5)

B. FT [16]:

80 Def Pushups (45# plates x2)

60 Supinated Chins / Banded Strict Chins

For (B), split up the pushups and chins anyhow.  You must alternate exercises (each time you finish a set of Pushups, perform 1 set of chins).  Play with chinup grip width but don’t go wider than shoulder width.  If you finish all reps of 1 movement, Continue with other until you finish all reps of both movements.


C1. Lying DB Chest Flys x 12

C2. 15 Back Extensions (GHD) or supermans

C3. 10 V-ups or hollow rocks

03 30 15