A. 6 RFT [C15]

8 Strict Dips (leg assist if needed)

12 Horizontal Body Rows (on bar)

16 WB (20/14)


B. 5 RNFT:

3 Negative Bar MU (jump to above bar, lower until bar at sternum, lower as slow as possible)

3 Negative Deficit HSPU (2×45# plate each side)

6 Box Jumps (30/24)



A. 6 RFT [C15]

8 Pushups or DB Bench Press

10 Jumping squats

12 Ring Rows (palms down)


B. 5 RNFT:

6 Scap Pullups (try to do as many reps as possible WITHOUT going to the full hang or relaxing into a full hang, and finish each rep with a slight elbow bend)

6 Strict DB Presses

12/9 Cal Row (ME)



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