OTM [18], T(2-3):

A1. 6 or 9 Prowler push (gym length), 1PW. These should be fast, not heavy.

A2. 60 DU or 0:45 jump rope practice

A3. Reverse Fly (bands or DB; if DB, lie prone on bench, elevate bench to allow arms to hang fully)


OTM [15]:

B1. Row 15/12 Cals

B2. 1 pegboard ascent or Flex Arm Hang (chin-up grip) 0:30-0:45

B3. Walking lunge 0:30


C. Jefferson Curl (KB or light bar, stand on box/plates): 3×5, each rep should be 4-6 sec.


L45: A[12], B[12], C


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